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Smoothie Meal Info & Instructions


We developed our recipe by first finding the healthiest ingredients possible, and then spent countless hours developing the flavor around those ingredient options. The result is a smoothie meal that's possibly healthier than any other you've had, yet is still delicious. We'd describe the flavor as a hint of banana, some sweet, and a touch of tartness. You won't believe how healthy it is once you taste it.

INGREDIENTS: Water, baby spinach, Napa cabbage, bananas, strawberries, pasture-raised whey protein (protein, sunflower lecithin), sweet potatoes, whole grain oats, extra virgin olive oil, stevia blend (erythritol, stevia, natural flavors), flax seeds, chia seeds, cacao, citric acid, spirulina, sea salt, & Ceylon cinnamon.

* Meals are made in a shared facility that uses other ingredients.



Suggested serving size: 15oz - 25oz

Per 20oz serving:

  • Calorie: 400
    • Every 5oz = 100 calories
  • Fat: 16g
  • Protein: 32g
  • Net carbs: 23g (42 total carbs)
  • Sugars: 10g
  • Fiber: 10g
  • Added sugars: 0
  • Artificial ingredients: 0
  • Vegetarian- only non-vegan ingredient is pasture-raised (grass-fed) whey protein 


Unlike many meals, with our meals:

  • YOU choose your portion size and calories! 
  • QUICKLY determine calories. It's sooo easy: every 5oz = 100 calories (20 cal per oz)

Note: You may find you don’t need much to be full at first, since you’re not used to the extra water. Later you may need a bit more to satisfy you, so don’t fret, it’s simply an adjustment period. Our meals are also an easy way to increase daily hydration. 


This is not one of those temporary solutions where you’re left to go back to the struggle afterwards. Our meal system is designed to be both successful and sustainable long-term.

A meal plan doesn’t get any simpler. Just drink our meals for 1-2 meals each day. You can use our smoothie meals any way you’d like, but we recommend them as your daily lunch or your daily breakfast and lunch, while more freely enjoying a daily traditional meal of your choice. You can also have it as your breakfast and part of your lunch.

Meal prepping doesn’t get any easier either. Our smoothie meals come fully blended and ready-to-drink. Literally pour into a bottle or glass and you’re set!

Shaker bottles like Blender Bottles are ideal because they make for easy on-the-go meals that you can toss in a bag/purse, plus they have measurement lines on the side. Our intro specials sometimes come with a free Pro Series version, and we also offer them for purchase. 


Smoothies are good for approximately 7 days in the fridge, and tubs are freezable.

  • Throw some tubs in the fridge and put the rest in the freezer.
  • Thawing in fridge takes approximately 3 days- remember to give enough time to thaw.
  • With no additives, water separation is normal after thawing. Just stir, or holding tub firmly, give it a good 5 second shake and you're set! 


One of our goals is to reduce waste, so to do that we've come up with a simple packaging swap system. Here's how it works:

  • Won’t be home? Just buy our reusable insulated bag and we’ll leave the tubs on your doorstep in the bag. You’ll never again pay for packing costs.
  • Tubs are reusable and dishwasher-safe. Simply toss in the dishwasher or rinse well. We do a second wash to assure sanitation. On delivery days, leave any empty tubs and the bag on the doorstep and we’ll swap it with a fresh-filled bag!

This easy system enables you to enjoy zero-waste meals, reduce carbon emissions, and save you money by not having to pay for packaging over and over.


  • When you crave a tempting, unhealthy meal, just drink/chug your smoothie meal and the craving should disappear shortly. Made from fresh whole foods, it's a real meal, simply blended up.
  • For dinner: If you tend to eat pizza or another unhealthy food “for days” like we do, just chug some smoothie 15 minutes beforehand so you won’t need as many slices to fill you up. Less calories, more nutrients.
  • Chug it quickly, savor, or portion over several hours.
  • Use for a weight management plan. Reduce (or increase) your daily caloric intake easier than any other meal.
  • Easily create several small meals throughout the day.
  • To enhance the flavor or add variety, a chai spice mix goes well.
  • To speed up thawing, leave tub in the sink overnight, then put in the fridge for one more day. 

Let us know if you have other tips!