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Order Smoothie Meals


January 19th and every two Sundays going forward

Delivery time: Between 2:30PM and 5:30PM. We will text when we are on our way.

Delivery Zone: Downtown, Midtown, Land Park, East Sacramento, Curtis Park, Oak Park, Tahoe Park, and other areas within this general area of Sacramento

OUT OF OUR DELIVERY ZONE? Meals are designed to be frozen, so we may be able to offer frozen tubs for pick up in Midtown before our deliveries on Sundays. If interested just let us know. 


75 OUNCE TUBS: 3.75 x 20oz meals

2-3 TUBS ________________________________________$24 each ($6.40 per 20oz meal)

4+ TUBS _________________________________________$20 each ($5.33 per 20oz meal)

DELIVERY ________________________________________$8 flat fee (4 tubs = $0.53 per 20oz meal)

REUSABLE INSULATED BAG _________________________$10

PRO SERIES BLENDER BOTTLE, 24oz__________________$11

If you won’t be home, simply buy our reusable insulated bag and we will leave it on your doorstep. For future deliveries, just leave the bag out and we will swap it out with a fresh-filled bag! Reduce waste and eliminate ongoing packing costs! 


Many benefits of our daily smoothie meal system become more appreciated after a couple of weeks of daily use. As an incentive to give our system a true test run, just try our meal system daily for two weeks (just order 4+ tubs) and we will offer ALL of the following:

  1. Delivery fee waived ($8)
  2. Reusable insulated bag cost waived ($10)
  3. Free Pro Series Blender Bottle for easy on-the-go meals ($11)

Total value: $29


You control your meal size. Generally, most folks enjoy anywhere from 15oz-25oz per meal.

To avoid running out before the next delivery in two weeks (tubs are freezable):

  • Calculate: Total oz you will drink per day x 14 days, then divide by 75oz
    • Example
      • For lunch only: 20oz per day x 14 / 75 = 3.7, so 4 tubs are needed. If you have more freezer space you can stock up even more. 


To order, just email with the following:

  1. Name:
  2. Cell number:
  3. Delivery address and if you anticipate being home or not
    1. Include any notes such as where to leave the bag
  4. Total number of tubs you’d like:

* Repeat customers: simply provide your name and the number of tubs you’d like

Once we receive your order, we will reply to confirm the order and total cost. 

ORDER DEADLINE: The Friday before delivery day 


  1. If you will be present:
    1. Cash, check or card. Checks are payable to Gardner Gourmet Foods.
  2. If you will not be present:
    1. Payment under doormat
    2. Venmo: send to GardnerGourmet
      1. Set up:
    3. Apple Pay (Any iPhone user): send via text to 916-397-7275
      1. Set up: