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Superfood Smoothie Meals


What we put in our bodies has a profound impact our lives, including our long-term health, physical appearance, energy level, happiness, and much more. That being said, most of us know the daily struggle to resist unhealthy food, get the nutrients we need, and control calories. Even the various plans and diets almost always fail at some point, because they still require us to somehow resist unhealthy meals day after day, and have other barriers that are tough to get past.

The good news: We’ve done something revolutionary that finally makes it easy to succeed, long-term. No, we haven't found a way to get past the barriers. Instead, we have removed them completely.


  • Struggling to eat plate of healthy ingredients.
    • Instead, simply drink them, via our enjoyable smoothie meal. You’ll quickly realize how much easier it is!
  • Struggling to resist tempting unhealthy meals.
    • Instead, after drinking our tasty smoothie meal, you’ll be satisfied, so the temptation for an unhealthy meal simply disappears!
  • Time and effort having to plan, shop, cook, clean & more.
    • Instead, our meals require none of that!
  • Paying for overpriced (usually small) prepared meals.
    • Instead, enjoy our affordable healthy meals, packed in cost-reducing  75oz tubs!

Our meal system is not a temporary solution or impossible diet to maintain. This is a permanent solution, designed to be successful and sustainable for the long haul.  



Smoothies are quickly becoming a mainstream option as meals, but as a food lover I was skeptical at first of whether or not I could have a smoothie as a meal. So, I sought to avoid the flaws of meal replacement shakes and other smoothies:

  • Instead of powders, I used unprocessed, fresh ingredients- a real meal, simply blended up.
  • Unlike other smoothies, this one was designed to be a COMPLETE daily meal. I used a wide array of ingredients, including fresh veggies, whole grains, super fruits, olive oil, flax, and more.

As a result, when I finally tried it as my lunch, I was not only full, but completely satisfied! It was like a tasty magic potion, making my desire for tempting unhealthy food disappear, almost effortlessly. It had removed the need to resist temptation.

Finally having found a way to end the daily struggle of trying to resist unhealthy foods, I felt like I had struck gold. I was beyond excited, because I knew this was going to change my life and possibly help the many others that endure the same challenges. After over 9 months of daily smoothie meals, it's clear that this meal system has the power to end the ongoing struggle to improve daily health, yet also simplify life, reduce stress, and give us back more of our limited time.  



Our superfood smoothie meals come ready-to-drink in freezable 75 ounce tubs.


  1. Order meals just once every several weeks(or less depending on freezer space).
  2. Receive meals at your door (unless picking up).
  3. Prepare meals faster than any other meal. Step 1: Pour into a shaker bottle. Step 2: There is no step 2!

In addition, you’ll also have your entire breakfast/lunch break every single day to run errands, relax or do whatever else you’d like!


You can use our smoothie meals any way you’d like, but we recommend them as your daily lunch or your daily breakfast and lunch, while still enjoying a daily traditional meal of your choice. Enjoying our healthy meals also give you more freedom to eat your favorite traditional meals later on, but without the guilt!  



Imagine improving your health consistently and permanently, while also making life easier, saving time, not having to resist temptation so much each day, and possibly even decreasing your food expenses at the same time.

Our superfood smoothie meal system is a lifestyle change that can truly be life-changing. If you’re serious about improving your health and want to finally end the struggle to attain a consistently healthier diet, then try our daily meal system for just two weeks and see how easy it is. The worst that happens is you temporarily improve your health!

We look forward to being a part of achieving a healthier and happier, you!

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